UP Praveen Yojana: UP Pravin Yojana Benefits.

UP Praveen Yojana: The Uttar Pradesh Government, led by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, has introduced a groundbreaking initiative named UP Praveen Yojana. This initiative aims to enhance skill development among students in classes 10 and 12 across Uttar Pradesh. By integrating vocational training within the school curriculum, the Yojana seeks to prepare students for the workforce, making them job-ready upon completing their secondary education.

UP Praveen Yojana

Overview of UP Praveen Yojana

The UP Praveen Yojana 2024, launched by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, is a game-changer for students in Uttar Pradesh. Aimed at students in classes 10 and 12, this initiative focuses on skill development through vocational training. By offering certificates for various trades, the Yojana ensures students become job-ready during their school years.

It plans to include 150 schools across the state, providing a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge in 11 fields. This will prepare students for future employment and instil a sense of self-reliance. The Yojana is a promising step towards empowering the youth and enhancing their employment prospects.

  • Launched By: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath
  • Collaboration: Education Department and Skill Development Mission
  • Beneficiaries: Students of 10th and 12th Class
  • Objective: To develop job-ready skills through vocational training
  • Year: 2024
  • State: Uttar Pradesh
  • Number of Selected Schools: 150 (2 from each district)
  • Official website: to be announced

Benefits of UP Praveen Yojana

The UP Praveen Yojana 2024 offers several benefits to students in Uttar Pradesh, particularly those in classes 10 and 12. Here are the key advantages:

  1. Skill Development Certification: Students receive certificates upon completing their vocational training, recognizing their newly acquired skills and making them attractive to future employers.
  2. Preparation for Employment: The Yojana focuses on making students job-ready by equipping them with practical skills in demand.
  3. Wide Selection of Trades: Students can be trained in 11 different trades, including sectors like ITI Electronics, Retail, and Automobile, providing a broad spectrum of career paths to explore.
  4. Access to Practical Knowledge: The program integrates practical training with theoretical knowledge, ensuring students have a well-rounded education.
  5. Enhanced Employment Prospects: With certificates in specific trades, students are better positioned to find employment or further their education in their chosen fields.
  6. Statewide Reach: The Yojana plans to include 150 schools across Uttar Pradesh, ensuring widespread access to vocational training.
  7. Empowerment of Youth: By providing valuable skills and training, the Yojana empowers students to become self-reliant and confident in contributing to the economy.
  8. Promotion of Self-Reliance: The focus on skill development encourages students to become entrepreneurs or seek employment, fostering a culture of self-reliance and independence.

The UP Praveen Yojana 2024 is designed to prepare the youth of Uttar Pradesh for the future, preparing them for employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in a competitive world.

Eligibility and Documents Required for UP Praveen Yojana

To participate in the UP Praveen Yojana 2024, students must meet certain eligibility criteria and have specific documents ready for application. Here’s what you need to know:

Eligibility Criteria

  • Residency: The student must be a resident of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Educational Level: The student should be studying in class 10th or class 12th in a government school within the state.
  • School Affiliation: The scheme will likely require the student to be enrolled in a school participating in the UP Praveen Yojana.

Required Documents

  1. Aadhaar Card: For identity verification purposes.
  2. Income Certificate: To prove the financial status of the student’s family, which might be necessary for certain benefits under the Yojana.
  3. Caste Certificate: If applicable, for students belonging to reserved categories, as there might be specific quotas or benefits.
  4. Residence Certificate: To confirm the student’s residency in Uttar Pradesh.
  5. Mobile Number: This is for communication and updates regarding the Yojana.
  6. Email ID: Similarly, it receives official notifications and communications.
  7. Self Photograph: A recent passport-sized photo for identification.
  8. Identity Card: Any government-issued ID card for additional verification.

Before applying, students should ensure they meet all the eligibility criteria and have the necessary documents ready to streamline the application process for UP Praveen Yojana. This will help smooth and efficient enrollment into the program, ensuring students can start benefiting from the vocational training and skill development opportunities it offers.

How to Apply UP Pravin Yojana

While the official application process for UP Praveen Yojana is yet to commence, interested students and their guardians are encouraged to stay updated with the latest information. The application process will be available on the official website as soon as it is launched.

Implementation Process

The UP Praveen Yojana is set to be implemented across the state, with a structured approach to vocational training at the secondary school level. This initiative aims to develop technical skills and instil a sense of national pride and self-reliance among students.


UP Praveen Yojana is a significant step towards empowering the youth of Uttar Pradesh with practical skills and vocational training. By fostering an environment of skill development right from the secondary education level, the Yojana paves the way for a skilled and self-reliant future workforce. Stay tuned for the official launch and application details to be a part of this transformative journey.

Remember, UP Praveen Yojana is more than just a Yojana; it’s a path to empowerment, skill, and future readiness. Share this information with friends and family, and let’s prepare for a brighter, skilled tomorrow.

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